simpsons creek (brunswick river), brunswick heads

This is not like the rivers and creeks Mamma is used to. Firstly - It’s not brown and Mamma can actually see the bottom - which is a lovely soft sand rather than sticks and cans. THIS river is more like a glorious pool! You may be happy just wandering up the sides and dipping your toes in at the various stair entries, or the little beach areas. Or you can walk across the gorgeous old footbridge and spot the fish - or even a dolphin if you are lucky. The river is shallow - especially at low tide so you really should go for a splash or a kayak or get out the inflatables and paddle away! There are a couple of playgrounds dotted along the banks too to have a play pit stop as you walk along.

Mamma’s special mention: There are a few great spots to eat just near the river - try Footbridge Cafe, or Old Maids for some great burgers! Or make your way around town visiting all the Fairy Houses!

the nitty gritty

various public toilets - cafes - playgrounds

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Simpsons Creek
Brunswick Heads NSW

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