killen falls, tintenbar

Paradise is the word that comes to mind for Killen Falls. This spectacular natural wonder is so impressive you just need to take a moment to sit and take it all in. Be prepared to work a little for the pay off - there is a short walk you take to get you to the top of the falls. Here you can stand on the look out and see over the top of the falls and huge rock cavern swimming hole (mind the roots along the pathway which tripped us all up).

To get to the sweet spot you will need to manoeuvre your way down a rocky and muddy hill and then along the river below - which can be slippery and wobbly. Mr 6 and Miss 8 did it easily, just take your time. Mamma says put all your supplies in a backpack so you have both hands to steady yourself and others. Once you arrive make sure you have a dip in the water (careful of slippery rocks). For the adventurous - swim under the falls for the ultimate natural water therapy or explore the grotto and surrounding cave!

Mamma’s special mention: Head to the Macadamia Castle for your next adventure! Only an 8 minute drive away.

the nitty gritty

Not suitable for prams, or wobbly new-to-walking toddlers - take your rubbish with you

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Killen Falls Drive
Tintenbar NSW

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